What are Probiotics and what do they do?

Ken Davis

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria normally present in the digestive tract. They have many benefits to the human body including fighting disease.

The gastrointestinal tract is sterile at birth and normal gut flora develops gradually the first few years of life. Research suggests that the baby gets its flora seeding from the mother’s birth canal, but with the increase of cesarean births, a lot of babies may not be getting their flora from their mothers bodies as nature intended.

In addition to the above, our bodies evolved over millions of years and our ancestors have lived in harmony with nature. Modern life, however, has disturbed this harmony – our water and food are clean, we sanitise surfaces at home, we wash our hands with antibacterial soap, and we take medication that kills bacteria. This has created a situation where the human body can’t maintain a healthy level of the good gut bacteria.

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