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4 ways to use fruit pouches you never knew about

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Here at Bubs, we love our fruit pouches and use them a bunch of different ways each and everyday.

Here are our top 4 ways to use them in ways you might never have known:

To replace an egg

The banana pouch will be a great binder in a pancake for you. Just add a spoonful of chia seeds along with the pouch for every egg you’re replacing.

For sweet ice cubes

Grab a Pear and White Grape pouch and whisk some water through it. Pour into ice cube trays and allow to set in the freezer before adding them to water for add a nice, sweet flavour.

To save the sugar in baking

Allow the natural fruit to sweeten your baking.

As a base for a smoothie

For the days when you don’t have any fruit on hand, squeeze in a Bubs pouch and let it flavour your smoothie.

    What’s your favourite way to use our Bubs pouches?

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